Sustainability Targets

Modo Yoga NYC is committed to operating as sustainably as possible and encouraging our community members to measure and reduce their individual ecological footprint.
Here are some fun targets we are trying to achieve and continue to cultivate in 2017:
1. Move towards zero waste at the studio.
2. Support our whole community to measure their ecological footprint and brainstorm and implement ways to reduce our overall impact individually, as a community and as a city.
3. Become carbon neutral.
4. Raise $300k or more in karma funds through our studio and partnerships in 2017.
5. Support Junglekeepers in purchasing  another 30,000 acres of jeopardized pristine rainforest in the Madre De Dios region of Peru. Continue to protect the land we have supported Junglekeepers in purchasing from deforestation, poaching and mining.
6. Continue to work with the Edeyo Foundation in bringing weekly yoga programs into schools and orphanages in Bel Air, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.