Sustainability Snapshot

Here is a sustainability snapshot of what we are up to:
Every month Modo Yoga NYC donates its karma funds to a local or international charity. Here are some of the amazing charities Modo Yoga NYC has recently supported:
In 2014, Modo Yoga NYC raised and donated over $60,000 to charities including the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, Junglekeepers, God’s Love We Deliver, the Edeyo Foundation, Amnesty International and Big Brothers Big Sisters.Modo Yoga NYC has partnered with Tamandua Expeditions to create and raise significant funds for Junglekeepers, a charity committed to protecting the most biodiverse part of the amazon rainforest in the Madre de Dios region in Peru. Modo Yoga NYC also partners with Tamandua Expeditions on an ongoing basis to offer retreats in the Amazon Rainforest with the intention of building awareness and cultivating a meaningful dialogue on the interrelationship between conservation, consciousness and yoga.In November 2014, Modo Yoga NYC + Moksha Yoga Mtl/NDG/West Island/Laval embarked on an epic 30 Day Challenge Fundraiser for Junglekeepers raising over $30,000.Modo Yoga NYC also offers ongoing yoga safaris in the green hills of Kenya in collaboration with the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust cultivating a dialogue around yoga, consciousness and sustainable development.Modo NYC is currently offering weekly yoga classes to City-As-School, an alternative high school in the West Village. As part of our effort of bringing yoga into schools, Modo NYC in collaboration with Moksha Montreal, has also created a weekly yoga program at the Edeyo School in Bel Air, Port-au-Prince, haiti.SWEAT FOR CHANGE

In March 2013, Modo Yoga LA, Minneapolis and NYC came together to embark on our first sweat for change initiative – collectively the three studios raised over $110,000 for Little Kids Rock – a US charity helping to bring music education and instruments into inner city schools in the United States.
GROW YOUR YOGA is an off-the-mat challenge that takes place during the month of May and brings together the entire Modo/Moksha community as we deepen our yoga practice. The 7 Pillars of Modo/Moksha Yoga form the basis of the challenges: Be Healthy, Be Peace, Be Accessible, and Reach Out. The challenges encourage participants to eat well, seek peace, communicate kindly with others, and reach out to support their communities. Many students have said that the new habits and renewed motivation from Grow Your Yoga have changed their lives.
Each year, we support incredible charities as part of Grow Your Yoga and in 2013, the entire Modo/Moksha community raised over $85,000 for The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. In 2014 and 2015, the community raised over $300,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Speak Your Peace is an annual Modo/Moksha Yoga awareness campaign that encourages us all to reflect on the concept of “peace.” Peace means different things to each of us, whether it’s environmental peace or the personal peace we find in savasana or with family and friends. Speak your Peace allows students to think about what peace means to them.
Each year we choose 1 charity/not-for-profit that is working in some way to contribute to a holistic definition of peace. We end this week of reflection with a candle lit class on International Human Rights Day.
The goal of Speak Your Peace is to encourage the Modo/Moksha community to reflect on peace, enabling us to create peace in new ways.
In 2013, the Modo/Moksha community raised $40,000 for the David Suzuki Foundation as part of Speak Your Peace.
In April 2015, Modo Yoga NYC had a GHG inventory completed.