Tara Heal

Tara Heal began practicing yoga while studying abroad in 2001, and by 2008, had found her calling to teach. To date, she has amassed 800 hours of teacher training, workshops, and immersions. Starting with Rod Stryker’s Para Yoga Vinyasa Certification (Mary Bruce and Johnna Smith), and continuing with The Iyengar Institute, Sonic Yoga, Yogaworks, NY Loves Yoga, and Sivananda. Tara went on to earn her Modo/ Moksha’s certification in Montreal under the amazing Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson and Dina Tshouluhas with on-going development in Vinyasa Flow and beyond.

Tara has guided practices for groups from all walks of life, from NHL teams and Olympic Athletes, to office groups and teen workshops. Her classes are powerful, soulful, and dynamic, incorporating innovative and intelligent sequencing. She aims to encourage body awareness, agility, and strength, while illuminating the peace and power that comes from mindfulness. Outside of the yoga studio, her work as a performer has taken her to stages all over the globe, and she feels endlessly grateful to be living her dreams and expressing herself through music and movement. Tara intends to bring light and authenticity to all she does.