Sarrah Strimmel

Sarrah began practicing yoga 8 years ago after sustaining an injury performing in a Broadway show. She practiced a mix of power flow, hot vinyasa, and Bikram. She quickly noticed that her body started to change, her dancing grew, and she was rarely at the physical therapy office. Most importantly, her mind started to quiet and being a professional performer became much more manageable. The drama started to quiet and fade, and the joy shined through. Yoga truly became the thing that keeps her going in a business made for short lived careers. She found Modo Yoga soon after the studio opened, and knew immediately she had found her permanent yoga family. Training in Victoria, BC with Ted Grand and Jess Roberston transformed her practice and her teaching. She’s over the moon to be teaching Modo, as well as performing the role of the Mermaid in the new Broadway show, Big Fish!! Sharing energy and a practice she loves so much with the Modo community is more fulfilling than chocolate chip cookies, easily her favorite thing in the world:-)