Meryl Williams-Thacher

Meryl is a Modo Yoga certified teacher (Level 1) and fulfilled her training in gorgeous British Columbia with Ted Grand in 2015. As a native New Yorker searching for a home studio for years, she considers herself beyond blessed to have found Modo and for the community it has provided her. She was first introduced to yoga at fourteen years old, when her acting teacher incorporated a few poses into their warm-up. She still remembers how grounding and exhilarating it was, as if she had discovered magical powers. She has been coming back to it ever since to combat the monkey mind that this city can fuel and to sustain balance in her life as a professional actor who often wishes she was in the mountains.
As a teacher, Meryl’s main goal is for the practice to feel gentle and non-competitive. After a knee injury in which she almost lost mobility in her leg, her relationship to her body within the practice shifted as she became aware of it’s fragility and strength. In turn, it has made the experience of practicing and teaching a gift. It’s this gratitude for the ability to move while honoring the natural changes of our bodies that she aims to impart to her students.

Meryl is humbly thankful to the studio owners and all of her teachers from Modo Yoga. She couldn’t be more excited about the journey of teaching and hopes to specifically delve deeper into yoga for victims of trauma, as well as Yin Yoga.